Who we are
Fraher & Findlay is an award-winning, architect-led design and build company, working with home and business owners, through a uniquely transparent and technology driven service.

Our History
Fraher Architects was founded in 2009 by Joe and Lizzie, delivering small scale and award winning residential projects throughout London. Since then, our practice has grown in size and project scope, with the aim of constantly improving areas of our expertise, and where possible, beyond those boundaries, toward even broader fields.
This has been achieved by consciously evolving our practice, and we've done this by placing learning, improving, and refining every aspect of what we do, at the very core of our business. This means being aware of opportunities as they arise, and being proactive in making positive change.

Most visibly, it is this philosophy that led to our joining forces with Findlay Construction. We took repeated learnings from over a decade of practice, and saw that our most excellent work was realised through close relations, with our most excellent construction partners. To improve further therefore, we took the opportunity to evolve, and created our design and build offering.

But it doesn't just stop there. Like evolution, the process is ongoing and underpins everything that we do, both internally and externally. From internal projects and experiments (where we burden the risks and share the rewards), to staff development and training, to client relations and project management, to finding future partners and associates that share in our plans, to learn, improve, and refine.

Our Team
Amy Docherty: Architect
Dan Aird: Build Site Manager
Deborah Findlay: Finance Director
Demi Williams-Smith: Project Manager
Elisa Cousy: Architect
Eva Chausheva: Accounts
Gemma Gilham-Law: Operations Manager
Gem Merritt: Operations & Project Manager
Gordon Boyd: Senior Architect
James Robertson: Chairman
Joe Fraher: Managing Director
Katherine Marshall: Senior Architectural Assistant
Lizzie Webster: Design Director
Lourens Du Plessis: Site Manager
Marta Alvarez: Architectural Assistant
Mathew Wilson: Director of UX
Philippa Trant: Operations Director
Ruth-Marie Mackrodt: Commercial Director
Claire Escoms: Assistant Operations Manager
Neil O'Brien: Architectural Assistant
Ketie van de Wateren: Project Manager
Alex Yazdi: Senior Architect
Rachael Douce: Studio Assistant
Ladder House
What makes us unique
We're one of very few RIBA Chartered design and build companies in the country.
We are a design & build company that can actively deal with challenging design briefs and projects in complex planning environments.
We're developing own technology platform, in order to help streamline project processes, and improve our aftercare offer.
We're creative, with a strong delivery record, and plenty of recognition to prove it...
AJ Retrofit Awards – The Signal House– Winner
AJ Retrofit Awards – The Etch House – Shortlisted
New London Awards – Spiritland – Winner (Retail)
New London Architecture – Don't Move Improve 2018 – The Etch House – Runner Up
New London Architecture – Don't Move Improve 2017 – Lambeth Marsh House – Longlisted
New London Architecture – Don't Move Improve 2016 – The Lantern – Shortlisted
New London Architecture – Don't Move Improve 2016 – Cooks Kitchen – Longlisted
AJ Small Project Award 2014 – The Green Studio – Shortlisted
AJ Sustainability Award 2014 – The Green Studio – Shortlisted
Australian Living Green Interior Award – Quality Chop Shop – Shortlisted
New London Architecture: Don't Move Improve 2013 – The Garden Kitchen – Shortlisted
New London Architecture: Don't Move Improve 2011/2012 – The Jewel Box – Runner Up
International Design Competition – Albany Works – Winner
AJ: Small Projects Award – The Jewel Box – Shortlisted
Living: The Signal House
New London Architecture Annual Journal 2018/2019: Spiritland - This project won best new retail design.
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