Segal House
We have been asked to look at an extension to a Walter Segal Self Build in South East London. Segal inspired a generation of self builders as well as architects with a socialist architectural approach to building your own home.
These much loved buildings are reaching a period in their life cycle where they require careful refurbishment with a sensitive approach to enlargement to provide living space for a modern day family. We are working with a family who are looking to extend their home whilst fully embracing the tectonic and practical approach of the 'Segal Method'.
The building fabric should be affordable, readily available and not require skilled labour to assemble. Views out to the landscape are key, with any extension working with the stepped terrain of the site. The design looks to create a negative imprint of the building by inverting the panelled colour cladding.
Profiled metal sheets form a rain screen cladding, with electric blue window apertures contrasting to the black skin of the extension. A dynamic staircase sits within the building, providing a studio, den, storage and reading space.
Segal House

Categories: Residential, Concept, In Development
Architects: Fraher & Findlay
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