Fraher & Findlay Architects

What we do
Fraher and Findlay is an award winning, architect-led design and build company, with over 15 years experience of delivering high end architectural projects for home and business owners.

We focus passionately on the detail in every aspect of what we do, and learned long ago that great design can only be realised with a great build.
These shared beliefs are what led us to not only found an in house build team, but also to change the way in which we work with our trusted partner contractors.

We are able to work with our Clients from start to finish, and beyond, with an architect led design and build service, where design really matters.
We are Architects with in-house building and bespoke joinery services.

As ARB registered architects, we blend extensive building knowledge with a resolute passion for sustainable design. Our portfolio illustrates designs integrated into existing buildings as well as new, within sensitive planning environments.

Our designs respond to both environment and client aspirations. We navigate complex buildings and planning scenarios adeptly, where we understand the need to balance creativity and compliance. Sustainability drives us, influencing materials, energy efficiency, and long-term impact.

Client satisfaction underscores our prowess; their testimonials portray our ability. Evolving with the field, our designs stay innovative and responsive. Building excellence and sustainability is ingrained in our work, not just a choice.

We offer a full set of Architectural Services from Concept Design at the beginning of the project, through planning and technical design, onto site and the handover of a project back to you. This is in line with the RIBA Plan of work services of an Architect.
We employ proven methods and utilise appropriate technologies, in order to deliver projects in the most transparent and enjoyable way possible. Bespoke, design focused build solutions, for residential and boutique commercial projects. A qualified Architect will guide you through the process from inception to completion and beyond. One company, one team, one shared vision. As an RIBA chartered practice, we meet a strict eligibility criteria to ensure we are committed to excellence in design and customer service.
How it works
Phase One: Design & Planning
We begin with a fixed fee Feasibility Study in order to develop a shared understanding of your design and build aspirations. Once complete, and you're onboard with our Architect led full service, fees become more gradual, and designs, specifications and site visits more directed.

The resulting body of work is gathered, and prepared for submission to your planning authority, and ultimately, for sign off and planning permission. From here you'll have a confident understanding of indicative designs, costs, and what to expect as we move on to the next phases.

Phase Two: Design & Detail
With planning permission sorted, designs and plans become much more detailed and refined. Material palettes, construction types, power and lighting layouts and so on. In turn, these details lead to a fixed cost schedule and a full construction programme. For extra thoroughness, we instruct an independent quantity surveyor to check things over. With their thumbs up, everything is signed off, and ready to proceed.
Phase Three: Design & Build
Once work begins on site – with a team that you already know, and that already knows your project – pace moves more and more quickly, but with our weekly site reports, guided site visits, ongoing overviews and revisions, we ensure that your build project runs as an enjoyable and empowering experience, all the way through to completion.
Future Phases & Beyond
We believe that project handover, doesn't mean that it's over. In fact, in our experience, we've discovered that it's much more of a new beginning. So we remain as your team, your support, and your partner in a whole host of ways and for as long as it suits your needs.
Looking for more detail?

The phases outlined above represent an overview of how we work, and what's involved in our process. But if you're like us, and you like to dig a little deeper into details, then this is for you: Fraher & Findlay Design, Build & Beyond: Services in Detail.
The Tsubo House

UK wide services
So far we've designed in Devon, North Wales, Yorkshire and even the French Alps.
We work on projects in inner London and wanted to extend out reach and design services further afield. It's important to us that more people access good design and Architectural Services, however as a small studio we don't have the resources to work all over the country.

As such, we have developed a service for those amazing projects further afield across a range of budgets. We want to show how good design and an Architect can be a great investment for your project.
We offer two services for projects outside of London
1. Video Consultations

We can offer a 30 mins video call consultation + 30 mins drawing time for £250 + VAT
During the call we can discuss your project for 30 mins and we use the remaining 30 mins to draw up a sketch plan for you to take away.

We have 3 video consultation slots available per month.

Video consultations with Lizzie Fraher
Click here to see our availability and book your consultation
2: Design and Planning Package

For projects which are outside of London or where the budget is under our threshold, we can offer a Design and Planning Package.

If you want us to help in more detail, providing you with a design intent scheme for your house and a planning application submission we would be happy to help. This service would include a mini Design Primer, followed by a planning application and submission.

With the planning drawings and design layout you can take this forward with a local architectural technician or builder in more detail and then proceed to site. The package consists of two elements:

1) Mini Design Primer: (4 weeks)
2) Planning Application Preparation: (6 weeks + 8 week council determination)
1) Mini Design Primer:
We always start the design process with a design primer, which for a fixed fee provides you with one design in response to your brief. The design primer provides you with 3D sketches, layouts of the proposal and material/precedent studies. We require a measured survey to be completed in order to commence work on this (please budget £1.8k + VAT for this). Within this body of work we carry out the following:
  • Virtual Design/Brief kick off meeting: 45 mins
  • Measured Survey (by others)
  • Design Primer Virtual presentation: 45 mins
Fee: £4,500.00 + VAT (excl measured survey)

2) Planning Application Preparation:

After the mini design primer, we take on board your feedback and provide you with 1 No. revision of the layout. After this has been prepared we draft the planning application drawings and submission information for you. We submit the planning application for you and monitor its progress.
Fee: £9,500.00 + VAT(excl Council planning submission fees)
If you would like the Design and Planning Package, please email your project details to including the following.

  • Address of the Property
  • Wish list of works in order of priority
  • Budget
  • Any plans or Photos.
  • Thoughts on programme

Interiors and Virtual Reality

Once we're working on the detailed design phase of the project we bring your home into Virtual Reality. You can take a walk around the building and we can fully design the interiors to your new spaces.

We design all of our interiors, the only thing we do not cover is soft furnishing and loose furniture. There are numerous points within our Architect-led, Design, Build & Beyond service, where unique project parameters require us to bring onboard one of our trusted partners. This may be due to project scale, programme, delivery method, specialism, or niche craftmanship. Whatever the need, the most essential requirement in these cases is to retain the team focus and a sense of collaboration.

We are fortunate enough to have built numerous historic working relationships over the years, with a collection of partners that we stand by with great pride. Landscape designers, Landscapers, Structural Engineers, Building Control Services, furniture sourcing, Audio Visual specialists and Lighting Designers. Uniquely we also have close partnerships with contractors as well as a dedicated in house team.

We can also work with consultants that you would like to bring to the table, just give us a chance to meet them and review ways of working together. For independent Cost Review help, we would always recommend the use of a Quantity surveyor. We can make recommendations for this service.