Collaborating with Skilled Builders in London :
A Transparent Negotiated Tender Process

At Fraher and Findlay, our negotiated tender process with our skilled builder pool, ensures accurate pricing, project deliverability, and a focus on transparency.
By engaging contractors early, we benefit from their expertise, resulting in accurate cost estimates and enhanced project feasibility
Our reliable and skillful contractors prioritise high-quality workmanship, ensuring the best possible standard of construction. With transparent pricing, clients can have confidence in the financial aspects of the project and enjoy a successful outcome that meets their expectations.
Why we work this way?
Engaging Contractors Early:
Unlike the competitive tender process, where contractors are involved at a later stage, our negotiated tender process allows us to bring the contractor into the project at an earlier
stage. This approach enables us to leverage the expertise of the builders from the beginning, ensuring their input in the design and planning stages. By involving contractors early on, we can benefit from their valuable insights and suggestions, leading to more accurate cost estimates and enhanced project feasibility.
Accurate Pricing and Avoiding Undeliverable Projects:
One common issue with competitive tender processes is that contractors may inaccurately
price projects or intentionally underbid to secure the project, leading to potential financial difficulties during construction. In our negotiated tender process, we have built a network of reliable, skillful, and honest contractors. They understand the importance of delivering projects to the highest standards without compromising on quality or viability. Our trusted contractors provide transparent pricing, ensuring that the project remains financially viable and eliminating the risk of cost overruns or project delays.
Reliability and Skillfulness
Working with our skilled builders, means that we prioritise reliability and craftsmanship. Our contractors have a proven track record and are known for their high-quality workmanship. We have established long-term relationships with these contractors, ensuring that they align with our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. This reliability and skillfulness contributes to a smoother construction process, better project management, and a final result that meets or exceeds the client's expectations.
Transparent Pricing
Transparency is a cornerstone of our negotiated tender process. We understand the importance of clients having a clear understanding of project costs and the value they will receive. Our trusted contractors provide transparent pricing, breaking down the costs and offering explanations for each element of the project. This transparency enables clients to make informed decisions, manage their budget effectively, and have confidence in the financial aspects of the project.
Pricing Review
As your Architect we review the Contractor's return and negotiate with them to get the scheme to the scope and budget that you are happy with before proceeding to the contract. You are welcome to use a RICS chartered QS to independently assess the return to provide you with assurance on the market value of the works. Once on-site, we will act as Contract Administrator for the contract.

Access our video about the Negotiated Tender process here.