Our Process: In Detail

This page offers an in depth understanding of the four phases of our Design, Build & Beyond process. If you're looking for a more general overview, then visit our Services page. But if you're like us, and you like to dig deeper into details, then this one's for you.
Equally, if you're still looking for more at the end of this page, and you want to go beyond with your own understanding, then we'd love to hear from you and to talk more about your project plans. In that case, visit our contact page, and get in touch.
Phase One. Design & Planning
Otherwise known as RIBA Stages 1-3
Sketch Book 1:
Design Primer (Fixed Fee)
Over the course of five weeks, we work alongside you on developing a shared vision and understanding for your project. We instruct measured surveys, create design ideas, schemes, and feasibility studies, all the while helping you decide your preferred way forward.
Once the Design Primer has been presented we take on board your feedback and develop a scheme layout that is often a hybrid of the ideas from the Design Primer.

We draw this up for planning and submit this to the local authority for planning approval. Sometimes we may submit a pre planning application is the building is very sensitive to guage the Council's feedback ahead of a fuller application. Planning permission takes 8 weeks all being well and good, however complex planning applications may take longer.

Depending upon the nature of your application, we may need to appoint a Structural Engineer etc at this stage to assist with the planning reports.
Phase Two. Design & Detail
Otherwise known as RIBA Stage 4
Building Walk Around & Contractor Budgets
Once into planning, we use this time to speak to one of our partner contractors or our in house build team to see if they can work on your project. We arrange a site walk around so that everyone involved, truly gets involved.

It is at this stage that we request a high level budget plan from our build partner to make sure that we are developing a project that you feel comfortable with from a cost perspective.

We prepare a schedule for the Contractor to provide us with early stage budgets against. We review this with you in detail ahead of starting the detailed design stage.
Consultants On Board
In most cases it is now that the Consultants need to be appointed. We usually required the following:
- Structural Engineer
- Party Wall Surveyor
- Building Control Consultant
- Principle Designer (Health and Safety)
- Landscape Designer if you need one
Virtual Reality
We make all of our project in Virtual Reality so that you can take a stroll around the spaces that we create for you. This helps with us dig into the detail of finishes etc.
Technical Design
Over the next four to six week, the designs and plans become much more detailed. From material palettes to room elevations, through to construction types, power and lighting layouts, joinery drawings and schedules of works.
Final Pricing
We submit all of the technical information to the Contractor for final pricing which forms the basis of the building Contract. We can recommend a RICS chartered Quantity Surveyor to review the return to make sure we have two parties assessing the numbers.
Phase Three. Design & Build
Otherwise known as RIBA Stage 5-7
Breaking Ground
This is always an exciting step, and even more so with a team that you already know, and that already knows your project. Pace moves quickly now, but with our weekly site reports, ongoing construction details, guided site visits, ongoing overviews and design revisions when desired, we ensure that your build is an enjoyable, educational and empowering experience.
Tidying up
As things continue to take shape, and completion dates approach, thoughts shift to the future, and what happens after, when your team is no longer on site? At this point, rather than wondering how you'll manage alone however, we begin our 'final' phase, and look into the future with you.
Future Phases & Beyond
Otherwise known as RIBA Stage 5-7
We believe that project handover, doesn't mean that it's over. In fact, in our experience, we've discovered that it's much more of a new beginning. So we remain as your team, your support, and your partner in a whole host of ways.