The Waterloo House, Waterloo, London

This building was a former late Georgian workers cottage situated on the Lambeth marshes of Waterloo. These beautiful listed cottages sit within a conservation area that is regularly used for filming period dramas.

The cottage had lost many of its original features during the 1970's and the new owners approached us to draw up plans for restoring the house along with a ground floor extension.

Listed building consent was secured for a timber clad dining room facing the garden. The crux of the design was to use the dining room extension to provide a more open room with a strong connection to the garden, where the existing cottage struggles with its historic, more cellular layout.

The dining room is sunk into the garden and pushes back against the higher ground.

Exterior of Dining Room extension, showing rain chain and wood cladding

A planter was designed to be integrated into the extension wall - bringing the garden right up towards the glazing of the extension. As the house is at a lower level than the garden, you feel as though you are sitting submerged and
cocooned by the green spaces.

The timber sliding windows open up the dining room to the garden and a rain chain funnels the rainwater from the extension roof down into a pebble tray and the planter.

Fraher & Findlay provided a full design/architectural service
for this project.

Interior of Dining Room looking out to Garden
Exterior of extension sunk into Garden

Joinery detail of interior showing hidden basement access under stairs

Early design concepts

Waterloo House
Categories: Residential
Design: Fraher & Findlay
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