Hello, Borland Road
Friday 16 August, 2019

Dear Neighbours,

Building works will be commencing on Monday the 19th August. Further details of the upcoming works and a programme will be available from the information box on the hoarding.

Please contact us at borland@fraherandfindlay.com or the office on 020 8948 4848 if you have any queries about the works

All our updates are posted to our dedicated Borland page found at http://fraherandfindlay.com/hello-borland-road.

All the best for now,
The Fraher & Findlay Team

Monday 10 June, 2019

Dear Neighbours,

We are delighted to announce that work will begin on the 24th June on site after the demolition of the existing building has been completed. We hope the demolition team have caused no problems whilst they have been on site.

We also have an exciting proposal - we'd like to offer the opportunity of bike storage to anyone who is interested. We're exploring the option of a bike hanger being installed outside of our development. This will not interfere with parking spaces as no parking is allowed here due to the drop curb so this initiative will give you the opportunity of a completely safe bike storage facility and maintain current parking availability. This is a great idea to free up a little bit of space your home and prevent dragging a muddy bike through your house! If anyone is interested please contact us on borland@fraherandfindlay.com or alternatively Tom on 020 89484848. We will be submitting this idea to the council soon and any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

All our updates are posted to our dedicated Borland page found at http://fraherandfindlay.com/hello-borland-road.

All the best for now,
The Fraher & Findlay Team

Thursday 02 May, 2019


We are delighted to announce that our planning application has been approved for three modern terraced houses at 20-22 Borland Road. We'd like to thank everybody in the community who attended our open day and has made suggestions along the way on how we develop this site with the local communities best interests at heart. We have taken onboard all your suggestions and you will see them come to life this year.

We are excited to start this new development and, as always, we'd like to keep you updated and we welcome all interaction with the community. With that in mind, we'd like to let you know that we expect to start demolition of the existing property at 20-22 Borland Road in mid-May 2019.

We endeavour to be very respectful of our neighbours and the local environment, however if for any reason you have any queries or comments regarding the site, please contact the office at borland@fraherandfindlay.com, or alternatively Philippa on 020 8291 6947 or 07740 631487.

All our updates are posted to our dedicated Borland page found at http://fraherandfindlay.com/hello-borland-road.

All the best for now,
The Fraher & Findlay Team

Tuesday 2 October, 2018

Dear Neighbours

We want to let you know that our planning application for 20/22 Borland Road has been submitted. We have incorporated a number of changes based on feedback received and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

All the best,
The Fraher & Findlay team

Thursday 26 July, 2018

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Open Day on Sunday. We were delighted to meet all of you and to show you our concept and to gain some very valuable insight.

If you would like to leave us any comments or feedback on our proposal for 20-22 Borland Road, then please fill out the form below. All submissions are anonymous so please feel free to be as honest as you wish.

All our very best for now,
Posted by Ruth-Marie

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Tuesday 10 July, 2018

We will be hosting an Open Day at 20-22 Borland on Sunday 22nd July From 1pm - 4pm. We'd love to see you, and meet those that we've not already met. The plan is to have sketches and a model, to show what we're planning.

See you all then,
Posted by Ruth-Marie

Friday 6 July, 2018

The trees are down and we're sure you'll agree, that it has much improved the feeling of space and light in all our back gardens. For those that haven't already heard, there will be a brown recycling bin at 20-22 for a few days now, containing wood chips that you're all welcome to use for mulching or similar. Bring a bucket of barrow an help yourselves.

With the size of the trees and respective stumps being so immense, the tree surgeons will actually have to return on Monday for the last tidy up, but hopefully a little extra noise will still be well worth the gains. Thanks all,

Posted by Mathew

Saturday 30 June, 2018

We are the new owners of 20-22 Borland Road and we would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

We, Fraher & Findlay, are a small development company based in South East London. We believe in building great homes that people want to live in. Homes that add to their local communities.

Over the coming few weeks we will be sharing our plans for 20-22 Borland Road, and with that in mind we've created this webpage just for you, our neighbours, where you will find news about plans and developments.

As a first quick update, on the 4th and 5th of July we will be removing the large and unsightly Leylandii plus a self-sown Sycamore and an Ash from our property, where they are damaging fencing and neighbouring properties. However, like most people, we love trees and so will be replacing them with some beautiful native species.

In the meantime, please do keep an eye on this page, or sign up to receive occasional email newsletters about what's happening. Finally, if ever you need to, you can reach us via email or phone on the following details:

Email: borland@fraherandfindlay.com
Telephone: 07900248249 (Ruth-Marie) and 07740631487 (Philippa)

All the very best for now,
The Fraher & Findlay Team